Italy: Let’s talk about my cappelletti obsession…

So….you have to know something about me, I’m completely obsessed with pasta. I can eat it every day of the week, twice a day and never tire of the taste. I blame my grandparents who started this obsession when they fed it to me from before I could walk. BUT, there is one type of pasta, that I am truly, 100% addicted to and it’s called cappelletti. These little beauties are known in English as “Little Hats.” They originate from the Northern Italian region of Emilia Romagna, where you guessed it, my grandparents were born. They are stuffed with three types of meat, cheese and nutmeg and just writing about them makes my mouth water.

Here’s a link how to make them, and before you ask, YES they’re hard to make and super time consuming.

I remember visiting Italy and being given a ‘doggy bag’ of left over cappelletti (from my great-grandmother) which we have in a chicken broth, given to me in an empty  family sized coke bottle to drink on the way home. I drank that baby down before we’d even left the small village where she lived! I remember eating this with our extended family (on their farm) and being horrified when they ate the pasta and threw out the broth!!


Every one of my birthdays have been about the cappelletti. EVERY YEAR!

So of course, I had to write about food in my book. It’s played a key role in many, many family events. Cappelletti have been at the heart of many jokes, games and teasing. Even my six year old nephew is into it now!

Lost in Translation, a fun, romantic comedy is filled with beautiful, yummy Italian food that will leave you wishing you were on a summer holiday in Italy. Follow the link to buy your copy.

And if you want to see how we’ve teased each other with cappelletti, check out these videos….The war continues 😉

Cappelletti Wars

My uncle getting revenge..




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