Introducing A. Begg-The voice of Michael



So one day in 2013 as I was emailing my cousin who lives in South Africa the 10th change in my untitled novel, I suddenly decided that this book could be made 100% better if it was written from two POVs. “Hey would you like to write this story from Michael’s point of view?” I asked her. Amazingly, she agreed! I’m not sure if it was just to stop me consistently emailing her all through the day and night or because she already had an idea of who he was in her head.

What I got from her was a whole new story and depth around a character who changes and develops through his relationship with Anna and her family. Amanda not only brought Michael to life, she made him a character with whom you just can’t help falling in love.

Lost in Translation is a romantic comedy that combines humor, love and family at the heart of its story. I can’t imagine writing this special story with anyone else.

As she’s been the ‘silent’ voice through this whole process, I sent her (yet another) email and asked her to share a little bit about herself with you all.



Is a cover important to you when buying a book and why?

Yes, it’s like fine wine.  The label is everything!

If you had a choice between living near the mountains or the beach where would you live? 

Beach for SURE!!

Oh no, you’ve  been kidnapped!!! The people from the last TV Show you watched have to save you. Who are they? 

Oh oh, Orange is the new Black.  I might have a chance in that case though…..

If you could have one meal every day of your life what would it be?

Yorkshire pudding, roast lamb and gravy with fettucine! (Let’s hope that’s not all together?…)

 If you had to choose between losing one of your five senses, what would you choose and why?

Hard one, I would give up my hearing, because you can still be independently mobile, drive a car and stare into the eyes of your loved ones.

Does anything upset you enough to make you cry? If so what is it?  

A lot of things, Disney movies, pain and suffering to children (I don’t mean the Disney movies!), cruelty, when someone takes away your dignity.

What genre do you write in and why? 

Generally comedy, I like to feel happy and make others laugh.

 Exciting news, you’re a time traveler! Where would you go? The future or the past?

  Future for sure!  The possibilities are endless!

If you’ve collaborated with someone, who was it and why? 

YES!  My cousin Kela (that’s my nickname FYI)  ha!  Because she is so gifted and much more motivated than I am to write.  I am so proud of her!

How do you feel about receiving reviews?

Good reviews make you feel good, bad reviews give you insight and encouragement to find another angle.

Are your characters based on ‘real people’ or are they purely made up?

My character was real only to me and Kela.

What character in your book are you most likely to get along with? 

Anna, (from Lost in Translation) she’s a gas!

What I love the most about writing is it doesn’t matter where in the world you are, you can still connect with important people in your life…every day! And just so you know, I can not be more grateful to have Amanda in mine.

To purchase your copy of Lost in Translation visit your Amazon or Kobo online store.


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