Meet Nonno-The heart behind Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation would never have been written if it wasn’t for one person. Meet Nonno, also known as Viscardo Guidetti. I’d like to share just a snippet of who he was to me and how he inspired this book.


I’m told that from the day I was born, Nonno (my grandfather) was over the moon. I was the first and only girl in the family as he’d had two sons and no daughters himself. I think I could do no wrong in his eyes, ever. I have NO memory of him ever telling me off or being mad at me. In the novel I write about Anna’s Nonno being involved in the birth. I don’t think mine was, but I’m sure given the chance he probably would have been right there, front and centre.


Nonno was always about FUN. He was the ‘naughty’ one in the family. He’d look for opportunities to drive my nonna crazy, just to make us laugh. He had a sense of humor that we all loved. I have videos of him dancing with our psychotic West Highland Terrier while we all hoped she wouldn’t bite him! Just like in the book, that dog was absolutely nuts and yet she too loved him!

I have photos of him chasing my own kids around the house and teaching my daughter to ride her bike. His memories are embedded deeply into our own home and family.

We lost him to cancer (just like the story) and it still hurts to remember the sudden loss of such a dynamic and powerful human. The world is a lot less brighter without him. BUT I’m so grateful for knowing and having him in our lives.


More fact verses fiction from the book;

The ‘beautiful’ verses ‘bloody fool’ mistake -True but in a different context!

The ‘penis’ mistaken word-True!

Using the slang word for Michael in Italian-True!

Underwear thing in front of the family-True!

I couldn’t have made some of this up even if I tried 🙂

To get your hands on the book, please visit your local Amazon store today.



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