Family love-Meet Nonna :)

Since this blog is all about love, I thought I’d share with you the inspiration behind some of the characters in Lost in Translation. Let me introduce you to my own nonna.


This amazing lady moved with her husband and young, four year old son to South Africa (by boat) over almost 60 years ago from Italy. She’d never been there, couldn’t speak the language and knew nothing about the country other than the opportunities it held for her family. She settled in South Africa and raised her family there learning the ways, language and culture of a new country.

When I was little and spent time with my grandparents, we often went to the Italian club together. I loved it. It was like entering another world for me and I loved seeing my nonno interact and play cards with his friends.

It was my nonna however who showered me with Italian food, language and love. I used to get yelled at (lovingly of course) stealing strands of raw pasta off her table. ALWAYS! Her cooking was always the highlight of our week. She could cook ANYTHING!

The stories in Lost in Translation are fiction but the events, experiences and memories are woven throughout. Here’s a rundown of fact verses fiction. If you’ve read the book and want to know more, message me and I’ll give you the inside gossip 🙂

  1. Dog food feeding to brother-fact
  2. Feuding families who are neighbors-fact
  3. Wedding in Italy-fiction (sadly)
  4. Crazy West Highland dog- fact
  5. Festival in Bologna- fact
  6. Beach incident- fact
  7. Experience in the old village piazza- fact/ with a little fiction…


This is Nonna with her great-grandson. She’s cooked with him in the past too 🙂

The story could never have been written without the experiences I had growing up with Nonna. I’m proud of it because it holds some special memories for me that I hope you will enjoy and experience as well….


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