Family love

I had the distinct pleasure of being asked to take photos of a family in our town in New Zealand. This family have four beautiful children and a mother and father who are still clearly in love. It made me reflect on love and complexity of this within a family.

Lost in Translation is grounded on the interconnection and love between a very close family. Throughout the story I try and highlight through the eyes of Anna, the way that she’s connected to her parents, grandparents and her siblings and the way that they’re all able to intrinsically know and understand her. Yes it’s a love story between Anna and her employer, Michael but the relationships around these two are what truly make the story.

That’s what I love about families. There are some days you don’t even like each other. Some days you’d gladly trade that person in for a puppy, new car or even a sandwich! There are days where you wish you could beam yourself into someone else’s life because yours has annoyed you so much. Yet underneath that all, you’re still connected, there’s still a part of you that wants to be with these people; a part of you that wants the best for and of them. Their successes and losses are yours and their joys and failures affect you.  You’re proud of them when they achieve their goals and are there for them when they need extra support. It looks unique for every family yet ultimately, it’s there.

As I took the photos yesterday and saw the interaction, love, arguments and laughter between this family I realized that family love has the opportunity to complete us and make us whole. Our roles in a family are ones that we have to take seriously and to treasure deeply. We often take them for granted or abuse them and this can have only one outcome. So it’s time we stop and appreciate these complex, challenging and unique relationships and value them for what they are. Ours.

Thank you Blennerhasset family for the privilege of photographing this.




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