Lost in Translation-Due for release soon

MMHomer1-72dpi-1500x2000 (3).jpg

Anna comes from your average American Italian middle class family. Well average if you consider a nosy Italian grandmother, a gun wielding father and a foul speaking Italian grandfather as normal… Not to mention their psychotic, kill you with one look, West highland Terrier! She still lives at home with her parents, siblings and Nonna and Nonno but knows that this year will be her year of independence. That’s right; she has a new job, a plan in place for moving into her own apartment and feels it’s time to wear her big girl pants! Things go to plan that is until her big sister Angelina spoils it all by deciding to get married and have the wedding in Bologna, Italy. Anna is chosen to be her sister’s bridesmaid along with her two best ‘crazy’ friends. Anna not only has to take time off from her brand new job but worse, her Nonno invites his long time friend and son, Anna’s new boss, to attend the wedding with them! Told from both POVs, Anna and Michael share their story of what it means to fall in love in an extended family.


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